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Serving the disabled throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska


Why Dale Robbins, M.D., J.D., should be your lawyer:


    -  30+ years experience as Social Security disability attorney


    -   Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors in Clinical Rotations


    -   Ten years as a Staff Attorney and Senior Attorney with the Social Security Administration


    -   Co-chair National EEO Committee for Social Security Administration from 1998 – 2001


    -   Law clerk to both U.S. District Court, Montana District, and Montana District Court


    -   American Bar Association Client Distinction Award 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016


    -   Appeal Filed With United States Supreme Court (cert denied)


    -   Washington State Bar Association Pro Bono Publico Service Commendation 2015-2019

    -   Washington State Bar Association

    -   Idaho Bar Association


    -   Montana Bar Association


    -   District of Columbia Bar Association


     -  Who's Who in American Law Schools 1988


     -   Eagle Scout 1972



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