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Serving the disabled throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska


And still other have said:

... He is educated in multiple fields and demonstrates very high intellectual ability  

... Thorough and Knowledgeable.


... Dale Robbins was very knowledgeable and his legal advise was very helpful.


... Dr. Robbins is a man of unassailable integrity and professionalism. He is generous to a fault; a man of humility and simplicity, as well as a man of exceptional intellectual capacity and achievement.


And a fellow Doctor said:


I am a practicing M.D. who provides consulting services for Attorneys. I had practiced Medicine for 28 years. When I needed a personal Attorney, I had the good fortune to meet and become acquainted with Dr. Robbins. He has become a trusted adviser as well as a friend. 


His credentials are impressive. More importantly, the credentials are backed with solid experience and expertise. He has an exceeding rare command of both law and medicine. He fully understands the implications of medical misadventures, poor outcomes, and malpractice issues from an unique perspective of a practicing Attorney and trained Physician. 


From my experience employing him as both personal Counsel and as a Consultant, his advice and direction have been flawless. He is a consummate legal tactician and an excellent Physician.


I recommend his services without the slightest reservation. I trust his judgment of both Law and Medicine. He has a uncommon combination of talent, expertise, and good judgment that is almost unheard of in contemporary society.


In summary, Dr. Robbins is an extremely skilled Attorney who understands and grasps the intricacies of modern medicine. He has my fullest endorsement.


-Gary L. Cook, M.D. 

Idaho Falls, ID



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