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     Serving the disabled throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska

Dr. Dale Robbins is uniquely qualified as a trained physician and attorney with experience as a former attorney for the Social Security Administration and private practice representing clients throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.


Dr. Robbins focuses exclusively on medical legal issues, including social security disability, personal injury  and medical malpractice cases.  


Others may offer similar services with non-attorney representatives where you are just a number, but if you want an experienced lawyer who specializes in disability and medical issues with a personal touch then call Dr. Robbins.


Significant legal experience as law clerk to both the U.S. District Court and Montana District Court, former staff attorney and senior attorney with the Social Security Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and current boutique law practice specializing in social security disability, medical/legal issues, consulting and seminars.


Medical Doctorate awarded in 2006, with highest honors in all clinical rotations served at Atlanta Medical Center, Fulton Medical Center and Emory University Hospital.


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